Flavio Daniele, M° Guo Ming Xu’s top student, founder and guide of Nei Dan School, combines an undeniable martial capability with a profound scientific and humanistic culture. His mastery both in street fighting and in refined philosophical questions, in mysteries of the mind and in inner energy make him a completely peculiar master in modern martial arts world.

His experience was gained through some of the best Chinese martial art masters. His didactic method is innovative and transversal to different martial arts and to their various aspects: combat, body art, science of the mind. His way of teaching represented a turning point for many masters and practitioners, as it allows anybody to attain the best goals according to one’s own potentialities, regardless of the practiced discipline.

He started with Judo in 1967, which he abandoned after three years, and with Shotokan Karate which he carried on for 15 years, reaching the 3° Dan in 1980 under Master Hiroshi Shirai.
Between the end of the 70’s and the beginning of the 80’s he started the first experiences with Chinese martial arts. Around the middle of the 80’s he abandoned the teaching of Karate and Yoga, which he had started in 1970, to devote himself completely to the study of Chinese martial arts. In 1996 he abandoned his job as computer science engineer to dedicate himself to their teaching and diffusion.
His eclectic experience both in various eastern disciplines, including Yoga, Zen and Taoism, and in modern western psychotherapy gave birth to his personal teaching method of developing one’s own physical, energetic and mental potentialities: the TAO G.E.D. (Global Energetic Development).

He is author of six books, not yet translated in English, and of many didactic dvds on Taiji Chen and Yang, on Xin Yi Quan and on Nei Gong.


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