Taiji Quan is a real treasure of humanity. It contains the knowledge of one of the most ancient and refined civilizations of the world: the Chinese civilazation. It is a unique mixture of art of fighting, Chinese traditional medicine and taoist philosophy together with buddhist and confucian influences. Every action and gesture of this perfect science applies both on the level of mental and phisical health and on self defence. It is a “high-way” through the world towards personal growth.
It fosters the development of three powers, of the mind (Yi), of energy (Qi) and of body (Li), together with the control of breath, in order to reach an alchemical transformation of the whole person. (Nei Dan means inner alchemy).
At the basis of this global process, common to all martial arts, there are eight fundamental Principles and five Hierarchies, but also structural prerequisites and mental qualities, all of which are taught in Nei Dan School courses


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